Command Sergeant Major Timothy Bolyard

Killed in Action

Command Sergeant Major Timothy Bolyard just just finished a meeting with local Afghanistan Military & Police to do access security for the countries upcoming elections. 

They met at An Afghan Army post called Camp Maiwand. Which up until this point had been considered a safe ground with no previous insider attacks. 

They chose not to wear body armor during this meeting as a show of trust and good faith. 

After the meeting completed they broke for lunch. 

Tim not long after made his way along a a narrow path towards the chow hall with shipping containers on one side & a 12ft concrete barrier on the other. 

60 meters from the dining facilities entrance an AK-47 & PK Machine gun erupted behind him. Soldiers dashed for cover in the narrow passage but Bolyard was hit in the Melee. 

Witnesses saw Bolyard draw his pistol & spin around where the gun fire originated before falling to the ground.

Not all men are created equal when it comes down to it & this man along with SO MANY OTHERS are proof of it. This is why we exist- to share their story’s and let their names live on.

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