Flags for the Fallen

We are the #1 Memorial Flag kit manufacturer in the USA with a mission of helping the nation remember & honor those who paid the ultimate sacrifice.

We pride ourselves in offering high quality complete Flag Kits which include our one of a kind custom Memorial Dog Tags affixed to the pole.

The dog tags are designed with a service members Name, Rank, Date of Birth, Date of Death as well as theater of operations in which they served or City name for LEOs & First Responders.

Our website will have every Service-members bio available so our customers can search who their flag is in memory of, learn about them & truly honor their service & sacrifice.

We are in pursuit of become a household name spanning sea to shining sea.

It’s our mission that every time a flag is seen, it’s seen as more than just Stars & Stripes but as a true symbol of freedom.

As a Brother or Sister. 

As a Husband or Wife. 

As a Son or Daughter.

As someone’s Mom or Dad.

As an American who served and sacrificed their life for ours.

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